O-Tac Gear Hammershot S1 Kit


This kit includes Six-shot Cylinder, cylinder pin & screws, hammer, trigger, replacement plunger seal, and 8kg Spring.

  • The O-Tac Gear Hammer Shot Kit is a drop in kit that converts the cylinder from 5 to 6 shots, changes the hammer angle to make it more ergonomic, and replaces the trigger and mainspring. The cylinder has been completely re-engineered to make room for a 6th dart while also increasing efficiency. The inner diameter of each chamber has been tightened to make the most use out of the available air volume and the mouth of each chamber has been widened and tapered to facilitate easy loading. The cylinder automatically holds the air restrictor in the open position allowing you to use shortened darts without having to ramrod each dart when loading. You can also stack two short darts in the cylinder for double shots with reduced range. The hammer has been re-angled and textured to allow for smooth priming even with the 8kg spring installed.

    Included with this kit:

    • 6-shot cylinder
    • Cylinder pin
    • Cylinder screws (2x)
    • Ergonomic hammer
    • Trigger
    • 8kg mainspring
    • Replacement plunger seal
    • O-Tac Gear stickers


    1. 6-shot cylinder.
    2. Better dart seal in chamber.
    3. Ergonomic hammer.
    4. 8kg spring.
    5. OMW Trigger.
    6. All parts are constructed from impact resistant materials.

    Be sure to watch our Installation Video for this kit if you experience any difficulties during installation. Also, a FPS Test Video for this product is available as well.

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