Immortal Kit for Nerf Longstrike


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This kit includes plunger rod, breech, plunger body, bolt sled w/pin, metal spring retainer, trigger catch, metal trigger, trigger catch springs, trigger spring, 5kg & 7kg main springs, o-rings, and white lithium grease.

  • The Longstrike Immortal kit is a drop in kit that transforms the Longstrike into a direct plunger blaster. Direct plunger systems greatly increase the amount of usable air volume while simultaneously eliminating the large amount of dead space found in the original reverse plunger. This translates into a huge increase in muzzle velocity even when compared to our old (now discontinued) Massacre kit. What sets our direct plunger system apart from blasters like the Retaliator is the static plunger body. We engineered our plunger body to dissipate the plunger’s impact across multiple surfaces within the shell, ensuring that the operating parts do not experience undue stress and impact from the powerful 7kg mainspring. Two springs are included with this kit, a 5kg spring for easy one handed priming and fast follow up shots, and a very powerful 7kg spring for maximum velocity.

    Included in this kit:

    • POM Plunger Rod
    • POM Breech
    • POM Plunger Body
    • Polycarbonate Bolt-sled
    • Metal Spring Retainer
    • Metal Trigger Catch
    • Metal Trigger
    • 2X Trigger Catch Springs
    • Trigger Spring
    • 5kg Mainspring
    • 7kg Mainspring
    • Breech O-ring
    • Plunger O-ring
    • Bolt-sled Pin
    • PTFE White Lithium Grease
    • OMW Stickers


    1. Direct plunger system.
    2. Improved breech for better air seal and more reliable loading.
    3. Reinforced plunger for increase durability.
    4. Reinforced plunger body to disperse impact forces.
    5. Improved bolt-sled allows for one-handed priming when using the included 5kg spring.

    *Modifying blaster may wear out or damage components. Please do so responsibly and at your own risk!

    Please see our installation video for this kit. (Note: this video showcases installation for an earlier version of this kit. The material for some parts have changed since, but the installation process remains the same.)