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  • Immortal Kit for Nerf Longstrike

    Regular Price:

    This kit includes plunger rod, breech, plunger body, bolt sled w/pin, metal spring retainer, trigger catch, metal trigger, trigger catch springs, trigger spring, 5kg & 7kg main springs, o-rings, and white lithium grease.
  • Unleashed Solid Stage 1 Kit for Nerf Retaliator

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    This kit includes trigger catch, 2x double strength trigger catch springs, reinforcement plate, and 5+ kg mainspring.

  • O-Tac Gear Hammershot S1 Kit

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    This kit includes Six-shot Cylinder, cylinder pin & screws, hammer, trigger, replacement plunger seal, and 8kg Spring.

  • Unleashed Solid Final Stage Kit for Nerf Strongarm

    Regular Price: S$48.00

    Special Price S$30.00

    This kit includes plunger rod, slam fire catch, trigger catch, metal trigger, 7kg mainspring, silicone grease, o-rings, trigger and trigger catch springs.